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About me.

A little bit about me….. Well I’m the youngest of three, I grew up in a small city and most of my time I was helping out at the family restaurant. When it was time for me to graduate high school I actually wanted to be a hairdresser, but coming from immigrant parents who work over 12 hour days, they wanted me to go to university.

So I went to university I got my B-com degree and once I was done I still want to go to beauty school. But yet again my parents were like why don’t you try getting an office job you might like it,  it’s 9 to 5 and weekends off.  Once again I was a good girl; I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years. During my time in the corporate world I got married, I had three beautiful daughters, but something was still missing. I needed to be on my own, use my creative side, and wanted to make people feel great about themselves.  After having my third daughter I told my husband I’m not going back to the corporate world, I need to spend more time at home with my children, but I also still needed to work.

During my Mat leave I got my brows microbladed and I fell in love.  It was soon getting time for me to go back to work and after having my eyebrows done I said I’m going to take the course for Microblading and I did.

Who would’ve thought I had a hidden talent. After taking the course, which I was excited and scared at the same time, I finally felt like I was doing what I love and have a passion for.

I did this so I can be my own boss, I can spend more time with my children and bring home a paycheck at the same time. Most of all I love the results, and I love how I make my clients so happy. To be able to make others feel happy, beautiful and fabulous at the same time is beyond rewarding.

I had a passion but I didn’t listen to my heart, I listen to others and I was miserable for quite some time. Having three girls I need to be a role model for them and show them to always follow your heart and passion in life.

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